Plan Now!!

Time to start looking around the house to see what will need to be done soon. Maybe you notice some mildew or mold around on the deck or house. A mild bleach solution will usually take that off. Larger areas can be gone over with a pump up sprayer. We can handle this too if you would like. SPRING IS COMING!!

When is the best time to clean my gutters?

Gutters really need to be cleaned whenever they are full to the point of slowing the water flowing out of the downspouts. The gutters job is to catch water and move it away from the house. If water can’t flow through the gutters and out the downspouts the water will remain too close to the house leading to all kinds of problems. The leaves are falling now so keep an eye on your gutters and make sure they are flowing freely. If you see water running over them it’s time to clean them.

Spring Fever!

Now is the time to start making a list of things you need to have done this Spring. Check and see how your windows look. Time to schedule a cleaning? Please let us know. How about those gutters? We can check them too. You might look around to see if there are any areas around your home that could use some pressure washing too. Now’s the time to start thinking about nicer weather and enjoying the outdoors again!

What multi-purpose cleaner have you found to be effective? Banner Elk N.C.

Simple Green  We use Simple Green in many situations because you can dilute it with water to whatever strength you need. Check the label and you will see what I mean. Lowes Building Supply is the cheapest place I have found to buy it. We buy it by the gallon and put it into spray bottles as we need it.

What helps keep gutters clean? Newland N.C.

One important way to keep your gutters clean is to keep the leaves out of them. Leaves are the primary thing that clogs gutters and downspouts. A good way keep leaves out of gutters is to remove any branches that hang over or near your roof. If you will have this done your gutters will stay much cleaner. Clean gutters area must when it rains as much as it has this Spring and Summer!

Any tips for cleaning storm windows? Linville N.C.

One of the hardest types of windows to clean are storm windows. The first challenge can be just to remove them without breaking them. The second can be to make sure each storm is put back where it came from. If you happen to mix them up, you might wish you never tried to clean them. What we do when we clean storm windows is number each one. We number each individual storm and the screen. Also number the window frame where the set of storms came from. This will make putting the storms back in much easier. This also allows you to take the storms outside to clean them without the fearof knowing where they go. 

What makes my shower doors look cloudy? Banner Elk N.C.

One thing that can be really annoying is cloudy shower doors. You scrub and scrub but they don’t come clean. Usually the problem is hard water stains. You might also notice this problem on windows where you water your outside plants. If the stains are not too bad, 0000 steel wool might take them off. CLR can also be effective. Be sure to try to test first in a spot that won’t be noticed to make sure you are not damaging the surface.

Why do I need to keep my gutters clean? Newland N.C.

.Another reason to clean out gutters is to avoid them from being damaged in the freezing weather. What is left in the gutters will freeze. If there are leaves, branches etc.. there is probably water too. That can result in  damage to the gutter if it freezes and becomes too heavy. Snow and other Winter precipitation can add to the trouble. 

Can you help a wet basement? Banner Elk N.C.

One cause of a wet basement can be clogged gutters. If the water is not flowing freely through your gutters and away from the house, this can lead to water seeping into the basement. Time to check the gutters.

When is the best time to clean gutters? Linville N.C.

We normally get calls to clean out gutters in the Fall. The best time to clean gutters is when they need it. Take notice during the next hard rain. Is there places where the water is flowing over the gutter? Look at where the downspouts are. Is the water seem to be backing up there? If something does not seem right, it’s time to check the gutters.