What makes my shower doors look cloudy? Banner Elk N.C.

One thing that can be really annoying is cloudy shower doors. You scrub and scrub but they don’t come clean. Usually the problem is hard water stains. You might also notice this problem on windows where you water your outside plants. If the stains are not too bad, 0000 steel wool might take them off. CLR can also be effective. Be sure to try to test first in a spot that won’t be noticed to make sure you are not damaging the surface.

Why do I need to keep my gutters clean? Newland N.C.

.Another reason to clean out gutters is to avoid them from being damaged in the freezing weather. What is left in the gutters will freeze. If there are leaves, branches etc.. there is probably water too. That can result in  damage to the gutter if it freezes and becomes too heavy. Snow and other Winter precipitation can add to the trouble. 

Can you help a wet basement? Banner Elk N.C.

One cause of a wet basement can be clogged gutters. If the water is not flowing freely through your gutters and away from the house, this can lead to water seeping into the basement. Time to check the gutters.

When is the best time to clean gutters? Linville N.C.

We normally get calls to clean out gutters in the Fall. The best time to clean gutters is when they need it. Take notice during the next hard rain. Is there places where the water is flowing over the gutter? Look at where the downspouts are. Is the water seem to be backing up there? If something does not seem right, it’s time to check the gutters.

I just had my windows cleaned. What can I do to keep them clean? Banner Elk N.C.

One way to help keep your clean windows clean is to keep the bugs out of your house as best you can. Flies especially seem to soil the glass very quickly. When we clean garage windows it is amazing how fast flies will be attracted to the clean glass! To avoid this make sure to keep your doors closed. Also make sure your screens are in good repair, no holes. This applies to both windows and doors.

What should I keep in mind when touching up my windows? Linville N.C.

When we clean windows we can only control the conditions so much. Cleaning in the bright sun is one factor we can control. You might take notice of when the sun is on the windows you  want to touch up. To get the best results, clean the windows when the sun is off them. When you have your windows cleaned professionally the conditions that are ideal are overcast with a nice breeze.


I just had my windows cleaned, why do they still look cloudy? Banner Elk N.C.

One explanation may be that the seal may be broken. Most windows have two panes of glass put together with a seal around the edges. If that seal breaks from age, weather conditions etc.. it allows air to get in between the panes. Since the air contains moisture it can leave behind what looks like drops of water. Sometimes it begins as a slight haze that gradually gets worse. There are some window companies that can repair this but many times the only option is replacing the window.